“Incentives for an engineer can be given in the form of generating ongoing learning opportunities.”

Sumedha Nashikar, head – human resources, KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd discusses the scope of employment and latest trends in the engineering domain

– Unnati Narang

What are the latest trends in engineering? What kind of skill-set do companies look for in an engineer?

Today, customers want companies to partner with them to run their business and deliver solutions to fetch them a winning position in the market. Gone are the days when companies would hire engineers, impart project-specific technology training, and expect them to deliver desired outcomes in the form of writing codes.

With increased competition and pressure to increase revenue and businesses, companies are actively contributing by tuning themselves with business objectives of their customers. In order to meet customers’ dynamic requirements, companies are hiring candidates with a solutions-oriented mindset and with both technical and domain expertise. This leads companies to hire people from a wide variety of educational background and industry experience.

How can these skills be imparted in engineering institutes?

There exists a wide gap between the pace of change of university curriculum and the technology needs of the industry. The need to align academia to industry requirements in order to improve employability is vital in the long-term, as it will definitely have the potential toimprove the quality of intake over a period of time.

Education institutes impart good theoretical knowledge but lack to provide exposure to practical projects and problem-solving skills. Today’s education system develops graduates and postgraduates trained either on technology or in a specific functional area whereas the industry requires professionals with domain expertise, which means they have balanced skills in technology and the area of application; e.g. automotive, semiconductor, aerospace, finance, etc.

Thus, engineering institutes should focus more on delivering practical and project based knowledge along with theoretical knowledge. Institutes can enhance their students’ credibility by exploring ongoing project and time specific internship opportunities with companies.

What are the challenges faced by HR managers in this industry?

The very first challenge is making them understand and establish the linkage of what they have learnt in theory and its application in reality. Most of the engineering graduates are technology-savvy and expect that the projects they would be put on should have latest cutting-edge technologies.


This article will help engineering candidates to search a good institute and guiding how to develop in this field.



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