Recruitment Advertising Scenario In India! A Positive Evolution? TIMES

Do you think the recruitment advertising scenario in India has undergone a positive evolution?

Ramanujam Sridhar, principal consultant and chairman, brand-comm:

“I don’t think the recruitment advertising scene has changed drastically over the last few months. Whilst there are a few ads, which try to beat the clutter, most of them are easily interchangeable, as they have some meaningless motivational statements and stock visuals, which leave me absolutely cold. The problem is that HR managers have a limited view of advertising and are unable to see it as a part of the overall brand and its image.”

Ami Dedhia, assistant manager – training & employee engagement (human resource department), Bonanza Portfolio Pvt. Ltd:

“Yes, the recruitment advertising scenario has definitely evolved over a period of time. In fact, a well-thought and creatively crafted recruitment ad has a direct bearing not only on the future prospects, but also the stakeholders, business partners and employees within the company.

Also, PR with the help of stories in HR helps companies to establish credibility. With the advent of colours in the print media and opening up of job portals, the scope to increase one’s bandwidth in terms of creative recruitment has opened up. Earlier, we had very few industries that used to advertise for manpower. That has taken a quantum leap beginning from BPO, healthcare, finance, banking, advertising, media and entertainment, insurance, software and retails segment.

All these upcoming industries are giving sleepless nights to the HR team and search consultants. Companies have now realised this and are actively engaged in infusing newness into recruitment advertisements to beat the clutter and draw quality talent.”

Roopesh Agarwal, director,
“I believe recruitment advertising has grown to a great extent over the last 15 years. Due to the intense competition to retain and attract best talent in the industry, recruitment advertisements are drawing attention from organisations, irrespective whether they are public or private.

Since it creates an initial impression of the brand identity, organisations are very much concerned about attracting talent in the best possible way to create interest about them. Recruitment advertisements have been an easy and fast solution to the common problem that most firms have, i.e., attracting qualified and right people.”

Jatin Virmani, COO, Global Wines & Spirits:
“The recruitment advertising scenario has evolved in the sense of the revenue that it generates or similarly in the cost it forms out of an HR budget of a company. The mediums of advertising have become manifold.

Most advertisements only talk of the vacancy and credentials of the company; instead they need to talk of the credentials of the role. I think we need to give more than only providing the CTC to lure the right candidate to apply through these advertisements. While designing an ad, one should keep in mind who you are looking at recruiting. I see the same few parameters used to lure both chefs and engineers.

We need a lot more creativity in this form of advertising. It should strike as much as the tagline of an FMCG product does – maybe use a keyword for a vacancy. A keyword could suggest KRA or an added benefit – anything that can lure more than just the candidate who is looking at a salary jump.

A candidate looking for meaty roles is what these ads should pull, considering that they form a major part of the cost in an HR’s budget today. Recruitment advertising has evolved but we have a mile to go before this becomes the most efficient method of tracking the right candidate.”

(Compiled by Priya C Nair andYasmin Taj)


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