“Incentives for an engineer can be given in the form of generating ongoing learning opportunities.”

Sumedha Nashikar, head – human resources, KPIT Cummins Infosystems Ltd discusses the scope of employment and latest trends in the engineering domain

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Recruitment Advertising Scenario In India! A Positive Evolution? TIMES

Do you think the recruitment advertising scenario in India has undergone a positive evolution?

Ramanujam Sridhar, principal consultant and chairman, brand-comm:

“I don’t think the recruitment advertising scene has changed drastically over the last few months. Whilst there are a few ads, which try to beat the clutter, most of them are easily interchangeable, as they have some meaningless motivational statements and stock visuals, which leave me absolutely cold. The problem is that HR managers have a limited view of advertising and are unable to see it as a part of the overall brand and its image.”

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Personality Test? Really Works

I’m applying for a position and I really want this job. The company requires applicants to complete a Kronos personality test. What can I do to make sure I give the right answers that will land me an interview for the job?

Here’s how I responded…

I did some research on Kronos Workforce (it absorbed Unicru) and found the test is used to identify people whose reported personality traits match the characteristics identified by the employer as critical to the job. I also found an answer key (that may be outdated now) through Google search.

It does appear to assess personality traits and values, and I can see how the test would give an employer some idea of how one might make decisions, set priorities, operate in the work world, and fit into an existing culture. Continue reading